Monday, September 26, 2011

7 Links to Random-Brain-Wanderings

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all talking back to me from the internet void. I feel so lucky that people tune in everyday to read my random brain wanderings :)

Last week Tara Tyler and Brinda Berry both gave me the 7x7 link award. And just to show them that I am listening back here are my answers :)

I’m required to link 7 posts on my blog. If you link to one and read it, leave me a comment. I will still get comments even thought the posts are old. I would love to hear from you!

Most BeautifulPoetry Schmoetry Blogfest: This is a short poem I entered in Shelly Brown’s blogfest. I wrote this as an introduction to my 2nd WIP. I love the idea of this poem—I think it is beautiful, but maybe I’m biased.

Most PopularHow Writing is like Interior Design: This is by far my most popular post. I think that has something to do with the fact that Janice Hardy linked it on her blog :) Color me shocked.

Most Helpful—Can I pick two? Heck yes, I’m writing this post so I can do whatever I want :) Did you say something?: My critique partner Amy Dahlke wrote this post on how to punctuate dialogue correctly. Maybe I wasn’t listening in English class but I learned a lot from her. Little Black Book: My other critique partner Sara Bulla gave me a lot to think about with this post.

Most ControversialBook Covers: No Judgment…Well maybe a little: This post was pure opinion, and I was sure I would offend someone. Sorry, if I did.

Most Surprisingly SuccessfulTag you’re it: This is my second most read post…and I have no idea why. I’m stumped.

Most UnderratedMetaphorically Speaking: I love metaphors, but I got little feedback on this post. Hmm—maybe I’m crazy :)

Most Pride WorthySpelling Bee drop out: I’m not above showing my weaknesses to the world. I like this post because I out myself. It was liberating.

There you have it. Probably more than you wanted to know about my blog. I’m not going to pick five people to pass this on to. I’m just going to say that if you want to do it, you’ve just been picked by me :)


P.S. Emily King interview me today on her blog: Get Busy Writing. Come on over and visit :)


julie fedderson said...

Congratulations on the award! I feel like I should call you Deanne now. I love metaphors, too, and I know all the "rules" say you're supposed to use like one a novel. I'm so screwed.

E.R. King said...

I think your poem is beautiful. : )
Thanks again for coming over for an interview!

Tara Tyler said...

i will be checking on those and heading to your guest spot =)

Tracy Z. said...

Checking those posts now!

Abby said...

Hey! I just read your post on Emily's blog! I love it! So awesome. You ROCK! And congrats on the 7X7 awards. *cheering!*

Brittany said...

Loved the interview, but couldn't figure out how to comment on it. I am sometimes not so good with computering.

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