Saturday, September 10, 2011

More books for Kurious Kids

I wanted to be more involved in Abby Fowers' Kurious Kids-Fest than I got to be this week. All the usual suspects (kids) kept me away :)

I was thinking about it and there are a few more books that need a mention:

Great books for toddlers: Gossie, Gossie and Gertie, Ollie, Ollie the Stomper

Olivier Dunrea is GENIUS! Simple. Darling. Creative. I LOVE the ink and watercolor drawings. I don’t know how he draws an egg with personality—but he does it!

Just plain great: What Moms Can’t Do

This book starts out, “There are lots of things that regular people do, but moms can’t.” The book is a list of all the things moms can’t do. My favorite line of the book is, “Sometimes moms can’t hear themselves think (whatever that means).”

And to that I say…AMEN!


Tara Tyler said...

those ducky books look precious!
and i remember and love "what moms cant do!"

Abby said...

Angie these are so awesome! Except that now I need to add them our library! I love the pictures from the first ones. It is amazing how some people can give an egg personality! And the second one sounds marvelous! I say AMEN to that too! Thanks so much for sharing again! I'll give you 2 extra points! :)

ali cross said...

I miss reading picture books with my boys. Sadly, they went and grew out of them. :( These look cute! And I still have nieces and nephews I could shop for!)

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