Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chaos Theory

I’m the oldest of seven kids. Yep, that’s right—seven kids! So, I'm no stranger to chaos. I also have three beautiful kids who are not peaceful by any stretch of the imagination. But this week has been chaos on steroids.

My kids are 12, 10, and 6. Then I have two sisters visiting with kids that are 8, 5, 4, 10 months old and 4 month old TWINS! If you are mathematically challenged like me that is 9 kids—9 KIDS!

My house is a tornado of: string cheese wrappers, diaper wipes, wii remotes, and lost shoes. Today I wanted to sit in the middle of my floor and collapse under the shear chaos of it all.

But while I was picking my way around bouncy chairs and crushed blueberry muffins (taking a roll of toilet paper to a stranded child :) I thought this is just what trying to get published feels like.

You think you’re ready and then you hear—You need a rockstar query, Make sure you have no clichés in your MS, Shine your MS until you can use it as a mirror, NO, NO, NO backstory in the first few chapters, DO NOT TELL!!!, You need a one page wait you also need a 3-5 page one, Find a great critique group…etc…etc…etc!

Sometimes I want to sit down and collapse under the chaos of trying to get published, but I tackle it the same way I do that unauthorized science experiment stewing in my kitchen. ONE THING AT A TIME!

I don’t think about it. I just plug along. What about you, how do you handle the chaos?


Just for fun here is a little baby candy. Even considering the chaos they really are delicious :)


Melissa Sarno said...

Oh my goodness...they are so adorable! All of this chaos with the kids does sound like publishing. I think your philosophy is a good one. One. Day. At. A. Time.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Great comparison and great post! The chaos can be intimidating, but one thing at a time seems like the best way to manage it all without going crazy. That, and perseverance.

Nice to "meet" you and I'm so glad I found your blog. : )

Angela Brown said...

WOW...I'm still trying to get my head around 9 kids in one place at one time and it isn't a daycare facility.

However, you make a great analogy. One thing, one step at a time and you not only can but will meet your goals.

Abby said...

Oh my gosh - you never cease to amaze me. NEVER. I would never make it with that many kids. I would have to run away for a little quiet time. Still - it sounds like fun - as long as it's at your house ;) And that baby candy is precious. Oh so darling!
I'm not even going to think about the writers chaos or not. I can't decide if I want to start querying a PB or not. THE CHAOS! :)

Mel Fowler said...

I bet that is really what publication is like!

hehe baby candy, I like it.

Sara Bulla said...

I concur! Your post rang SO true for me right now. It is a veritable science experiment at my house as well. One post that I read yesterday was that if you're submitting just to get your MS off your hands...take a step back and chill out. Like you said, we've got to just take it one step at a time. :)Great Post

Christine Rains said...

So cute! I don't know how you handle it. I have enough trouble wrangling in the chaos of one toddler!

Ruth Josse said...

Oh Angie. How are you still alive? Still, there's nothing like the glorious chaos of family. Definitely worth it.

Babies! Oh so adorable!

Tara Tyler said...

same here, plug along. i'm so impatient and want it done right NOW! but i also want it done right so i keep working at it. my agent will come when its time. sigh.

ps, my boys are 12, 11 and 8 =)

Jenny S. Morris said...

The twins are beyond cute! Wow 9 kids, at those ages, total chaos. I wonder how my parents handled the 7 of us when I was growing up.

I love your analogy. I've felt that way with writing. One more thing to add to the list. I wish agents were as cute as those twins.

Stacy Henrie said...

So precious! Like you said, taking it a day at a time - one step at a time. Celebrating successes, however small, and remembering to be happy where I am helps me feel less chaotic.

Anonymous said...

Oh the chaos! But the babies are just adorable, so I guess it's all worth it :)
And, I think it's completely admirable that amidst all the chaos, you were able to produce a completed manuscript. I'm so glad you added a page dedicated to your book - it sounds wonderful! Good luck on the submission process :)
Kim Karras

Catherine Stine said...

Those twins are sooo cute! My, my and I thought having two boys was all I could handle. Yes, writing is also messy, chaotic, whirlwind ups and downs--the whole thing! But both are worth it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, one thing at a time works well with everything.

Such cute babies.

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