Thursday, June 23, 2011

Villain Hair

My 6 year old asked me, “Which of your brothers do you like best? Pretend one of them is evil.” (I have two very kind brothers. I think the question was really about her brother--who she thinks is evil J ) This question bounced back and forth between my sisters and me. We decided on the one with “villain hair” was the evil brother.

This made me think theremust be more to a villain than hair. So what makes a great villain?

At the conference I just attended I heard something that stuck with me, “Villains think they are the hero of the story.” What a great thought.

Villains need developed just like the rest of the characters in a book.

  • Back story
  • Motivation
  • Talents
  • Redeeming traits
  • Quirks

Pure evil can be scary but it is also boring. Give the reader more.

Here are some of my favorite villains:

Professor Umbrage (Harry Potter) – She breaks all the stereotypes. Loves pink, loves cats, and loves torture. She took me by surprise.

Darth Vader (Starwars)—I LOVE him! He has such tragic back story, I find myself rooting for him even though I know I shouldn’t. Isn’t that the best?

Gollum (Lord of the Rings)—About half way through the book I forgot he was a villain. And in the end without his selfish obsession—Frodo would have failed. Awesome!

Who are your favorite villains?



Ruth said...

Villian hair! lol I love the quote about villians thinking they are the heroes. That is awesome and spot on when you think about it. My favorite villian is probably Prof. Umbridge as well. I think it is the visual deception. Sweet on the outside, evil to the core.

Amy Dahlke said...

Haha! I love Umbridge! Such an amazing villian. I love how I get the chills hearing her name or cring when she "Ahems" in the book. Perfect. I love having a physical reaction to the stories I read and Umbridge definitely does that.

I also love Twoface in Batman. Though, I didn't really like The Dark Knight. But him, in the commic books, is a great villian.

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