Thursday, June 2, 2011

The GREAT What If Game

Most of the time plot is easy for me. My first manuscript practically wrote itself. But now as I work on my second manuscript I find the plot elusive as smoke when I try and grab hold. This problem gives me the dreaded-writers block, because I don't know where the story is going. (My writers block is so bad I would rather do edits on my first MS- shudder)

So I'm trying a little exercise that writers have always done: the great what if game.

Here is how you play. Ask yourself - what if? over and over until you have a great plot.
  • What if your hero slips up and gives information to to the bad guys?
  • What if an important character is kidnapped?
  • What if your hero and heroine have a misunderstanding that changes their relationship?
  • What if an escape plan is foiled?
  • What if a character you thought you knew is someone else entirely?
You get the idea. I plan on doing this exercise until my smoky plot suddenly becomes solid. Then I am going to write the heck out of it :) Wish me luck.


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