Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration or Bust!

I’m off on a week long trip to the Land of Enchantment—the amazing New Mexico. (I will not reveal whether amazing is meant sarcastically or not—you will have to guess from the font:)

I’m looking forward to 9 hours in the car with 3 kids. I get some of my best ideas when I drive. I keep a little notebook in my purse to write down my ideas. I’ve written whole chapters in the car. Dangerous—I know! Sometimes I get my 12 year old to write for me, but he has dreadful handwriting.

I am VERY inspired by nature. More than one sunset has jumpstarted a chapter. I like to think about settings and mood, then I get ideas on how to fit my characters and plot into whatever world I’m envisioning.

When do you get your best ideas?


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