Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

I’m going to ask you to bear with me for a moment (I know that’s an ominous way to start a post—sorry).

When I was studying Interior Design I had a teacher that told us we would eventually have two kinds of clients: Screeners and Non-Screeners. What are they you’re dying to ask—well it’s your lucky day, I’m going to tell you :)

Screeners: People who can screen out the noise and mess of pattern, clutter, and clashing color. Example: Molly Weasley’s house would be the house of a screener.

Non-Screener: People who need simplicity and clean lines. If too much is going on, it makes them a little crazy. Example: A sleek and futuristic room from your favorite Sci-fi novel.

So with those definitions in mind—are you a screener or a non-screener when it comes to reading and writing? Do you need peace and quiet to write and read? Or can do you thrive in the bubbling chaos of life?

I’m a bit of both actually. My house is the house of a non-screener. It’s almost always clean and clutter free. I cannot function in a mess. It makes me crazy and VERY grouchy.

But when it comes to reading and writing I am a screener. An elephant could walk through the room and I wouldn’t notice. Sometimes my kids stand in front of me and need to yell to get my attention. I guess I’m just whisked away :)

So what about you? Screener? Non-Screener?



A.J. Mullarky said...

Screener, definitely! (I'm a fellow campaigner)

E.R. King said...

Angie, I'm actually a screener for both reading and writing. When I escape to another world, I'm so very gone. I love your pic by the way. It's cute!

Jenny S. Morris said...

Oh I love this analogy. My house is a combo. I am a non-screener. I do not like clutter, but my kids have a hard time agreeing with me. Which is the kind of writer, reader I am. I like peace and quiet, but it doesn't happen.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

What a fun post! This is a new idea for me. I think I'm a Screener when it comes to most things (especially the cluttery house - I grew up in the Burrow). I've always been able to zone things out to focus on what I want to do. But there's a threshold. Kids screaming and knocking furniture over pretty much kills my writing/reading vibe, so I write mostly at night. But I'm like you when kids are standing next to me asking for something and I'm knee-deep in a scene.

I blogged about clutter today! So I guess I'm not as much of a Screener as I thought! :)

Pam said...

I'm just like you--non-screener when it comes to my house, wardrobe, etc., but a screener when it comes to reading. Enjoyed this very much.

fairbetty said...

It's funny... I'm a total screener with my home... clutter and chaos abound... but when I'm writing, or even reading, I like to have quiet, to cocoon myself and enter that fantastical world with no distraction.

David Powers King said...

I think I'm a little of both. So long as it makes sense and the blocking is good, I'm good.

I'm in your campaign group. Pleased to meet you! Looking forward to the awesomeness. :)

Francine Howarth said...

Hi fellow campaigner,

Peace and quiet is an absolute must for writing, though I do enjoy classical music as a backdrop.

As for reading a darn good read: a fire could start and I wouldn't notice it until it was singeing my arse! ;)


Angie Cothran said...

AJ - I'm excited about the campaign too :)

Emily - I love that pic too. I keep wondering how comfy that elephant really is?

Jenny - Why is it that all kids love clutter?

Katrina - So funny you blogged about clutter today. We really are kindred spirits.

Pam - Thanks :)

fairbetty - I can write in noise, but not in a mess.

David - I saw you were in my campaign group. I'm excited to see your excellent writing.

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

Interesting that we can be both in different circumstances, but many people seem to be! When I worked for a corporation, they did these employee assessments and mine said, "She has the ability to bring structure to chaos." So, I guess I am a non-screener when it comes to that. But to WRITE??? I am a screener all the way. I need silence please!!

Tara Tyler said...

thank you for sharing that, i love it!
i am opposite. screener/chaotic house, nonscreener writer. i can ignore for only so long before addressing the stomping feet upstairs =)

Ruth Josse said...

Regarding my house, I think I'm a screener. Because it gets messy a lot. But I don't like it that way at all, so maybe I'm a nonscreener. Confused.

Writing? Nonscreener. No question.

Deana said...

I think I am smack dab in the middle when it comes to my house and as for reading and writing I am a non-screener for sure. I can read it craziness, but I cannont write that way.

See you around the campaign Angie:)

Anonymous said...

I prefer to write with some background noise - like my husband's tv viewing or my kids playing (nicely)
Kim Karras

julie fedderson said...

I think I'm a screener. I can have Johnny Test playing in the background, musical toys running on their last bit of battery, and little boys making armpit farts a foot from my ear and be completely oblivious. Although the slightest sound in the dead of night has me rocketing out of bed. Strange.

Angie Cothran said...

Melissa - You can bring structure to chaos--what a compliment :) Nice to meet you.

Tara - What is it about kids that make them want to interrupt? Gotta love them :)

Ruth - Thanks for the funny back and forth emails. I loved it!

Deana - I do better writing in silence too.

Kim - Kids playing nicely would be fantastic.

Julie - I love the background noise kids make. A house wouldn't be a home without it.

L'Aussie said...

So lovely to meet you fellow campaigner! Anxious to get to know you too!


Jessica Love said...

Well, for sure I am a screener in my home and my husband is a causes us a lot of arguments around the house!

I need quiet when reading and writing, though. I am way too easily distracted.

(Campaigner here...hello!)

JRo - Jaye Robin Brown said...

Non-screener in writing, must have quiet or I can't hear my characters in my head.

Screener in my house - agh.

Angie Cothran said...

Denise - I'm so excited about the campaign. It's nice to meet you.

Jessica - Screener and a Non-Screener--well opposites do attract. I'm excited about the campaign.

Jaye - It's funny how we can be both :)

Liz said...

Nice to meet you fellow campaigner!

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