Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Won’t You Be My Neighbor—Deana Barnhart

I'm so excited to day to introduce you all to my good friend Deana Barnhart. I can say good friend because we've met in real life :) She has the cutest southern accent! Do you think I can get you to type in an accent?

Deana: Aww shucks Aieengee, thank yee fur havin' lil ole me on ur blog. I cunsider yew a good freend too.
K, that may be a little more Andy Griffith than Kentucky girl me. Hopefully my Podunk roots aren't that deep:-)  Ha! They probably are. Best to embrace my red neck side. Ya'll is probably used in my vocab more than I'd like to admit:-) But I promise people, I really can spell.
Anyhoo, I'm thrilled to be here...and quite intimidated to follow so many totally cute interviews. I hope I don't bomb...or I'm doing now...

Angie: Don't worry, I'm a fan of the rambling :) and I LOVE the drawl. But you're right yours isn't so pronounced.

Alright y'all on to the first question...Name one food, one TV show (or movie) and one book you can't live without.

Deana: Oh crap. You've gotta start with the REALLY hard stuff. Let me see...

Food: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Lucky Charms. I know I'm a real health nut:)

TV Show: Just one? Really? I guess Vampire Diaries even though Elana drives me crazy sometimes.

Book: That is so hard because I'm not usually the type to read books over and over. There are just too many. So what if I said my Kindle so I could buy the new ones? Is that too much of a cop out?

Angie: We are soul sisters I would pick all those things too!!! (Except the Lucky Charms—too soggy too fast for me :)

Deana: And that's why they're magically delicious because you have to gobble them up so fast it's like magic when they disappear :-)

Angie: I will let you pick a Kindle just this time, but only if you answer a follow up question. What is the BEST book you have read this year?

Deana: As for the book, I'm going to show my incredible slacker status. With this years beta reads and my own writing I've only read about 5 books this year. My fave would have to be Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison. It was one of those where I stopped everything so I could finish it in a day. I was bawling like a baby after I finished. It was that good.

Angie: I LOVE a book that makes you drop everything. I've seen Sing Me to Sleep, now I'm really going to have to read it!

Because I've been thinking a lot about writing schedules for myself, I'm super interested in what everyone else does. So when do you do most of your writing? What kind of balance have you figured out? Tell me you have secrets.

Deana: Yeah, I have secrets, but they aren't the balance kind. I do know that I am a better morning writer so if I can get up, get the kids off to school and stay away from my blog, Twitter and people in general, I'm good to go. But being a recluse is hard sometimes :) On the other hand, when I get that fire burning for an idea that needs to come out, I'm lucky if I get showered and feed my kids cereal for dinner. So balance...not so much.

Angie: I'm a total moody writer. If I'm feeling it, I do great. If I'm not, my writing is garbage. I still haven't figured out how to write well through a slump. I guess that is the essence of a slump. LOL!

Deana: Ha! Now that would be a secret to know: How to write amazing while you're in a slump. When you find that out please let me know :-)

Angie: If I could figure it out, I'd be rich :)

Okay next question, I'll even make it multiple choice--but you have to explain why. 

What inspires you most:
A. Movies or TV (That Damon is a dish :)
B. Nature (I hear Kentucky is especially lovely)
C. Everyday life (Kids say the darnedest things)
D. People (We are all people watchers aren't we?)
E. Book (Need I say more?)

Deana: Aww man I stink at this, because I want to choose all of the above. 
If I absolutely have to pick one it would be people. I love taking little quirks from people to help create my characters. I suppose it's the people that really make books, movies, life and even nature that much more appealing in my opinion.

Angie: You are like a wisdom guru! Characters are really the only thing that matters! Tell me a little about your favorite character from your WIP.

Deana: I would have to say Mole is one of my favorites. She's a girl the mc, Kali, meets in a mental institution from the past. Mole's battled so many demons in her young life that she's developed multiple personalities to help her cope. I love a flawed character and Mole is a mess! But her flaws are also her strengths and actually allow her to grow through the story. She's just cool people in my book (no pun intended).

Angie: You should intend the pun. It was funny :) 

Deana: Cool, then pun totally intended :-)

Angie: Mole sounds so interesting! Did you have to research multiple personalities to write her? I read a book years ago about multiple personalities and it scared the crap out of me!!!

Deana: I did do research for Mole, and actually found varying opinions on whether people even believe MPD is a real mental disorder or not. For the sake of my book and the many case studies I read about, I choose to be a believer.

Angie: I'm a believer too :)

Okay, time for the last question (that went by fast). Of course it needs to be a pageant question, and you're a southern bell straight from pageant country so I expect great things from you!

On to the question...What is the greatest gift you've ever been given? And why.

Deana: Yep, I'm southern to the core. The bell part I'm not so sure about :-) I wasn't a pageant gal, but I was a Tennessee Twirler and we did pageants as a part of our competitions. I stunk at the them...but I did rock a baton :-) 

As for my greatest gift? I could go the pageant route and say something like "my life" or "my family". But like I said, I was never good with the pageants so I'll stick to my greatest writer gifts.

I have two. One was the Storymakers Writer's conference I just got back from. Between my husband's Marriot points and my Dads sky miles, I got to meet tons of awesome bloggers (you being one of course), I learned loads, and got to experience life out west!
My second greatest gift was received this past Christmas. My computer crashed right in the middle of editing Ripple Effect and I was devastated. Until I got a knock on my door and there on the porch was a brand new computer!

These two gifts aren't just awesome because of how cool they are, but because they showed me how much my family really believes in me as a writer, and that is about the best gift I could imagine...until I land an agent and a book deal of course :-)
I can't believe the interview is already over. It's been so much fun Angie!

Angie: You rocked it! Seriously! I give you a standing ovation. Next time I'm in Kentucky or Alabama we will do lunch! And let's plan on making Storymakers a standing yearly date :)

Deana: Sounds great to me girl! Good luck with your move. When are you becoming a southern girl?

Angie: We are moving to Orlando Florida in July! Yikes!!! Talk about culture shock. 

Thanks for taking time to let me interview you! You are awesome :)

Now that you all know Deana a little better, jump on over to her blog and give her a little love :)



Candilynn Fite said...

Oh, goody, I'm first!!! Deana is adorable. I know it's been a while, but you know how life gets in the way. I MUST check in more often. :)) Loved learning more about you, Deana! I know all about the drawl, being from Texas and all. And, if Elana would just pick one, I'd be much happier myself (go Damaen...he's so freakin' hot...did I just say that out loud?).

Thanks for posting, Angela. :))

Candilynn Fite said...

Speaking of "magically delicious," Damaen is magically delicious. Sorry, he brings out my wild side.

Kyra Lennon said...

Awesome interview! I used to be a baton twirler too lol!

Deana said...

Yay Candilynn! Another southerner:) And I would have to agree, Damien is magically delicious! I'm a sucker for Stephan(sp?) too:)

Kyra- Power to the baton twirlers! :)

Melissa Sarno said...

Hooray, I loved this interview. And I don't know Deanna so I have to go visit her. Yes, Lucky Charms ARE magically delicious.

ilima said...

I LOVE DEANA! I had the pleasure of being in her Primer group at Storymakers and she is one of my new favorite people. So kind and sweet and when I read her notes on my 1st chapter, they come out in a southern drawl. :) Great interview!

Emily R. King said...

Deana and Angie together in one post. *Swoon*

Deana, I'm glad your family is supporting your writing and that you feel the love from them. I hope you feel it from fellow bloggers like Angie and I, too.

Angie, thanks for having Deana! She really is an amazing writer and blogger. Great choice!

Juliana L. Brandt said...

ohmygosh, this was such a fun interview! Lucky Charms are a complete weakness of mine, too. It's awful!

Jackie said...

Yay for another TVD fan! Team Damon here. :)

That's awesome about the computer on your porch and that your family is so supportive!

Another great interview, Angela!

Morgan said...

Still can't believe you're moving to Florida... madness! And thanks for sharing, Angela. Fun back and forth between you and Deana! :D

J. A. Bennett said...

I had lucky charms for breakfast, and now I'm eating chocolate chips out of the bag. Yeah, I'm being really good today... Anyway I think I need to pick up that book, sounds really good!

Also, I didn't know you were going to Florida. I'm a little jealous :)

Ruth Josse said...

Another great interview! Nice to meet you, Deana! Heading over to your blog now...

Angie, I didn't know you were moving away! This makes me sad. I like knowing you are only an hour away.

Shallee said...

Thanks for the interview, Angie and Deana!

I'm fascinated that you have a character with MPD. I knew someone with MPD, and I definitely fall into the "believer" camp. Good luck with your story!

Tara Tyler said...

great interview! i love listening in on two sweet writers' chit chat about life & writing!

Neurotic Workaholic said...

I like Southern accents too! I wish I had one. I also especially like the part about how Deana said that she takes little quirks from people to help create her characters. I think that's why people-watching can be so productive. People-listening (is that a word?) can also be productive, because adults say the darndest things too. :)

Angelina C. Hansen said...

Thanks for the fun, Deana and Angie. Conference and laptop are GREAT gifts. Write on, you two. . .

Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

I always end up breaking laptop keyboards. I don't know how. Maybe my characters are tired of fighting for time?

Excellent interview!

Kristin Rae said...

Okay, Deana, you're adorable! :)

Fun interview!! What a neat blog series!

Jolene Perry said...

When I finished Sing Me To Sleep I totally bawled, and then I read the end again and again.

Great interview!!

alexia said...

Fun interview! I love Vampire Diaries, too.

Melodie Wright said...

Great interview, you two! So fun that you got to meet in person.

Leigh Covington said...

Ladies! You are both amazing. I was dying yesterday when I couldn't read all of this. The migraine was not allowing much computer time. But this is awesome! Deana, I don't know how you do mornings. Wish I was better at that. Though I still have a little one at home. And you obviously have so many people that love and care about you. Those are amazing gifts! Lucky girl! I hope you guys will make Storymakers an annual event!!! Can I be part of it too?

And Angie... what the heck??? You are leaving Utah? Why am I just hearing about this? This is now a sad start to my day :(

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I didn't know you were moving! I'm already jealous of your tan.

This was a great interview - both questions and answers. Great job ladies!

Meredith said...

Such a sweet interview! Especially the Vampire Diaries references. :) Also, I need to read Deana's MS now--Mole sounds like such a fascinating character!

Anonymous said...

Great interview, Angie! Deana is one of my favorite virtual friends . . .hope I get to be so lucky like you and meet her in person some day:) The last bit you said about a computer on the doorstep brought tears to my eyes, how sweet! P.S. I'm a new follower, Angie--looking forward to more great interviews~chEErs!

Deana said...

You guys are so sweet! Thanks for all the comments:) How can anyone not love this blogging community!!!

Leslie Rose said...

Super fun interview. I popped over from Deana's blog. I have Kentucky roots so I feel a deep fried connection to Deana. Gotta read Sing Me To Sleep, thanks for the rec.

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