Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Take Two

Yesterday I posted, The Take Back - Query, and doubled up on top of Angie's 'embarra**ing moment' post! D'oh! It was intended for today and rather than post something new, I'd like to leave my yesterday's post out there in the blog-o-sphere for today as well. I received some really great feedback (Thank you again for the advice and pointers that were shared. SO helpful!), and I'd love to receive more. You can scroll down to yesterday's post, or I've also pasted my query below. I haven't made any changes as of yet, though I know they are needed and will get on it as soon as time permits. Any comments, critique, suggestions, etc. are more than welcome!

Thanks everyone! And Happy Wednesday!

--Sara Bulla

Life energy can be stolen—days, months, years of life snatched with nothing more than irritated eyes to show for it. The Takers are waiting, committing the perfect crime, so they can live forever.

Seventeen-year-old Abby Crawford thought she was the only one with a secret—seeing the death of strangers and friends in her dreams. But when she flees her home town, ashamed of her ability, she discovers people who know not only of her power, but her family and destiny, too.

Will never believed the far-fetched stories about his life, but once Abby arrived, he couldn’t ignore that her gift might confirm his greatest fear: that he’s a Taker. Now their fates are bound together by Abby’s gift and Will’s dark past. Abby and Will are all that stands between humanity and the Takers. But the Takers have a secret that could leave the world defenseless—forever.


Kelley said...

Oo, I like the tone of this, particularly Will's side. Thanks for sharing!

Michael Offutt, Expert Critic said...

I really like the tone of your query. Now you just need to add a paragraph on your publishing credits and I think you are good to go. Seriously, it sounds very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I think this story sounds fabulous! Great query :)

Kim Karras

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

This might not be very helpful but I LIKE IT! I would request first 3 chapters.

Honestly I reread it several times (this is why I didn't say anything the first day- I didn't feel like I had anything to add) but I still can't find anything to change that jumps out at me.

I like it.

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